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Cenix BioScience and Integromics awarded EU FP7 EuroTransBio grant to co-develop integrated data analysis environment for HT-RNAi screening.

Dresden, Germany, November 11, 2010  - Cenix BioScience GmbH today announced that it and collaborator Integromics S.L. (Madrid, Spain; www.integromics.com) have together secured a research grant from the EuroTransBio initiative of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program, for a project entitled “Integrated computational environment for high throughput RNA interference screening”. In the 3-year grant, which includes 454,000 Euro funding for Cenix, both companies will jointly develop a novel platform for processing, organizing and analyzing complex datasets from high throughput (HT), high content (HC) screening.

The project builds on the leading expertise of Cenix in the field of HT-RNAi screening using microscopy-based HC readouts, and integrates cutting edge software solutions from Integromics together with the powerful data processing workflow engine KNIME and the industry standard platform for interactive data visualization Spotfire. For Cenix, the project represents another important step in its core efforts to continually enhance its leading RNAi-based contract research offerings, while Integromics will look to commercialize elements of the platform as bioinformatics applications to customers in the academic and industrial sectors.

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