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A Brief Introduction

The most prominent core activities at Cenix are the Preclinical Contract Research Services, whereby clients from industry and academia access the company's extensively proven expertise with key types of pre-clinical cell-based and in vivo experimentation, as follows:

Key Service Features

The ever-growing list of Cenix clients and partners include all sizes of life science research operations worldwide, from academic groups commissioning major grant-supported RNAi screens to large pharmaceutical companies needing to complement and accelerate their own internal efforts.

Regardless of their origin, all Contract Research Projects carried out by Cenix are custom-designed to address each client's specific experimental, strategic and budgetary guidelines, while always meeting the highest scientific standards in the field. 

Some Key Program Features...
  • World-class expert staff, tools & infrastructure with over 12 years of specialized service experience aplying industrial best practices
  • Industry-leading capabilities for optimization of HT-RNAi, miRNA modulation and drug/RNAi modifier assays in wide range of immortalized and primary cells
  • Mature combinations of efficient single-parameter readouts with rich multi-parametric assays, using wide range of assay technologies
  • Staged projects with multiple go/no-go decision points
  • Target IP fully assigned to the client
  • Flexible deal structures to accommodate risk sharing options
The process inevitably begins with Project Assessment discussions between Cenix scientists and the client's project leaders to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed work, select the best strategy and define a detailed workplan.

Once started, all projects are tightly managed through Joint Research Committees that monitor and, if needed, redirect efforts such that progress can be followed from stage to stage, allowing multiple "go/no-go" decision points along the way.  By minimizing expenditure and risk, this approach offers ideal compatibility with the realities of corporate decision-making. Also, as a service provider, Cenix offers its technology and expertise while making no claim to ownership of the results and fully assigns the target IP to the Partner.

All reporting modalities, combining regular teleconferencing, written reports and face-to-face meetings, are designed such that the project carried out by Cenix should feel to the client like a seamless extension of their own operations. Throughout each project and upon its completion, all project data, from detailed protocols and raw image files to fully-processed annotations and presentation graphs, are delivered by Cenix to the client through secure electronic formats, such that these are fully compatible with intellectual property filings and/or publications in the highest of peer-review journals.

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