Target Discovery, Validation & Compound Screening
Drug Mechanism of Action & Biomarker Discovery
In Vivo Pharmacology
Target Discovery, Validation & Compound Screening
Expert combination of RNAi, miRNA modulation & compound screening with high content assays

The target discovery, validation and compound screening programs at Cenix have been refined over more than a decade of extensive experience implementing the most challenging of protocols developed and optimized with our industrial and academic partners, covering a very wide range of cell models, assay technologies and disease fields.

The following boxes summarize the key building blocks of these studies at Cenix:

Cultured Cell Systems
Treatment Modalities
HT Plating Formats
Single- and Multi-parametric Assays

The exact logistical design of each project conducted at Cenix is always defined jointly with the client's own scientists and strategic planners.  As an example, the following figure shows a typical multi-pass screening plan that integrates discovery and validation of novel targets, and as such, represents one of the most preferred strategies for industrial target selection campaigns: 

Multi-phase study structure

Throughout each project and upon its completion, all project data, from detailed protocols and raw image files to fully-processed annotations and presentation graphs, are typically delivered by Cenix to the client or partner through industry-standard, secure electronic formats, such that these are fully compatible with intellectual property filings and/or publications in the highest of peer-review journals.
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